VAIR is a mobile virtual reality (VR) system that enables multiple people to play VR or AR games at the same time. Many head-mounted displays (HMDs) for consumers have been developed, but HMD users can experience problems including VR sickness or a feeling of discomfort. HMDs also have minimum age requirements. By combining any smartphone operating system (iOS, Android OS) with a positional tracking sensor (HTC VIVE Controller), VAIR can enable anyone to play room-scale VR or AR games in a 360-degree all-around view without a HMD.


VAIR requires a smartphone and a positional tracking sensor. The most accurate sensor we use is a HTC VIVE Controller combined with gun-shaped attachments of aluminum alloy and wood. By changing the upper attachment, VAIR can use any smartphone. In the mobile VR that VAIR provides, a player sees not only a VR space but also a real space. Because the feel and appearance of the controller are important, VAIR imitates the real shape and texture of a hand gun. When the player pulls its trigger, he or she can shoot a virtual bullet in any direction in a virtual space.

VAIR corresponds to multiple controllers and shares VR space, so it recognizes bullets shot by all controllers. Therefore, VAIR provides various playing modes; for example, a player can play alone with two guns, cooperatively with more people, or against them. Moreover, by inputting data of a real object’s position and scale to the VAIR, the object can be used as an obstacle in VR space. When a player hides behind the object, he or she can hide behind the obstacle in VR space and can play in a gun fight using realistic tactics. Since the real space is clearly visible in the mobile VR, a player can safely run around, which is impossible with a HMD. Therefore, the VAIR will enable players to move in a sports-like way more freely than VR using a HMD.

We call VAIR using the HTC VIVE “VAIR 1”, which is very simple. VAIR 1 connects a HMD to the server PC (even though this HMD does not have to be used) and registers paring information of the controller and its above smartphone. The server transmits information such as the controller’s position, angle, and trigger to the smartphone. The server and the controller communicate only their coordinate information, so the communication load is small.
All the images are rendered on the smartphone.


1. Masasuke Yasumoto, Takehiro Teraoka. 2016. Second Prize. Mashup Awards 2016. Tokyo Japan.


We are a fabless research company. For that reason, we are taking a production system by licensing. we make it, we accept it by order of 1000 pieces. We are currently looking for commercialization including cloud funding. Please inquire in detail.

Tokyo Game Show 2017

At the Indy Game Corner of Tokyo Game Show 2017 to be held at Makuhari Messe from September 21 to 24, our new work VAIR 2 will be exhibited. The place of the booth will be A 27 of Hall 9. Because it is a small booth, it is not a complete experience, but it […]

CeBIT 2017

CeBIT2017 We exhibited our booth at CeBIT2017 held from 20th to 24th March. Our three projects, VISTouch, Electric Bow System, and VAIR were exhibited. As VISTouch, we exhibited game-like demonstrations of multiple cooperative mobile terminals, cooperation between Google Maps and Street View, and things that can display free 3D images of 3D CT scans data […]

Demo of VAIR

The VAIR that anyone can easily enjoy evolved. By capturing obstacles in the real world into the VR space, more tactical PvP became possible.

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