The third prototype which made the concept of VR without HMD was created.

VAIR(VISTouch AIR) is the system for mobile devices(iPhone, Android) using positional tracking function of HTC VIVE. VAIR run on the iPhone and Android, players can look at the virtual world like a window in the display of mobile devices. VAIR's body is a reasonable weight, which creates and carved the aluminum alloy and the red tree. Players can shoot at target with a sense as if they are actually holding a gun. Multiple players can play this system at the same time. Therefore, players can cooperate, play against each other, and use the space freely and play easily. Of course, this system does not need to equip HMD, so even children who can not equip HMD can feel free to experience. This system is sanitary because you do not have to wear anything on your head. This also does not interfere with physical exercise.