We constructed a novel system that achieves new operational capability and increases user interest in mobile devices by enabling multiple devices to be used in combination dynamically and spatially. We call the system “VISTouch.” We focused on developing a mobile device feature that would enable users to easily move the position of a device connected with another device and keep track of it. We implemented a novel approach with intuitive handling in 3D virtual space. When a smartphone is spatially connected to a horizontally positioned tablet that is displaying a map as viewed from above, these devices dynamically obtain the correct relative position by using VISTouch. The smartphone displays images viewed from its position, direction, and angle in real time as a window that shows virtual 3D space. In addition to the old way of recognizing directions, which depends on virtual 3D images, we use real space information to improve a userʼs spatial perception by combining real space and virtual space. Thus, our VISTouch offers a novel way to interact with multiple devices by moving or inclining a smartphone on the tablet display and uses detailed information of the relative position in real space.

For Entertainment

In this game app, a tablet displays a 3D map as viewed from above, and a user can spatially look into 3D space with a smartphone, which displays images viewed from its position, direction, and angle. Also, more than two devices dynamically share the same 3D space. Another app can be used that combines Google Maps and Google Street View with VISTouch.

For Visualization

This application specializes in visualizing 3D information and aims to visualize medical information. An MRI/CT image group is converted to a point cloud, and a section is displayed on the device surface. This makes it possible to intuitively and easily observe the cross section and the solid.

For Art

This VISTouch Technology is used the art work. CUBISTA is the project to support the nurturing of media arts creators of Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan. The author of this work is Dr. Masasuke Yasumoto.



This application does not directly implement the VISTouch system but uses the concept. Positional tracking is performed on the tablet. It is possible to obtain a bird's-eye view of a solid object existing virtually in a single mobile terminal and display its cross section.

VISTouch Slicer



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We are a fabless research company. For that reason, we are taking a production system by licensing. we make it, we accept it by order of 1000 pieces. We are currently looking for commercialization including cloud funding. Please inquire in detail.

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